Where are you?

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"Stop measuring days by the level of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence." - Alan Watts

Where have you been?
Are you showing up authentically to your life? You might be thinking, "What does that even mean anyway?”


It means you're connected in meaningful ways to others, not electronically
- It means you breathe deeply, free from short anxious breaths
- It means you're living with purpose, not just going thru the motions
- It means you're showing up to every moment, your mind isn't 1000 miles away


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If you haven't been living a presence-filled life, yoga can help. Yoga isn't just great for body, yoga helps calm the mind by calming the body.

We're hoping to see your smiling face around the studio soon!

Opening Update

We're counting down to our new home! We're really close.

But we've hit another snag we feel warrants our careful consideration. It's regarding the wiring of our new electrical panels. We want you to know we're doing our due diligence to open in a timely manner but without cutting any corners.

Our last class in the Loft is Wednesday Aug 23rd. We'll announce our opening date just as soon as we have our all clear for occupancy.

Our journey to 4625 Wilkinson Blvd has been one with lots of twists, turns, ups and unfortunately downs. We can see how our journey as a business and as a community isn't about arriving to one destination but rather an unfolding of newness. A new address yes, but also new beginnings, new relationships, new energy, new opportunities.

Memberships For All

We're excited! Are you? We're making some changes and this one has us pumped. We know you want to come to yoga like every day right, but your life just doesn't always allow such bliss. So we've created 3 simple levels of memberships:

Flex - 4x/ mo (for the yogi that wants to come weekly. maybe you use supplement your training schedule or home practice with a in-studio class weekly. Or perhaps you travel often and know you'll just not make it in much but want all the benefits of being a member and community involvement. whatever your reason, this level of membership is flexible.)

Growth - 8x/ mo (for the yogi that's ready for more. you're ready to commit to growth but can't make it more than an couple of times a week. you're life may not allow jumping all in to an unlimited membership even though we know you want to. this middle-of-the-road membership will help you grow regardless.)

Commit - Unlimited Yoga/ mo (for the yogi that's committed to practice in-studio and often. you're ready to dive into community and all that comes with it. this level of membership will be your diving board to plunge into all things yoga.)

Each level is priced with your budget in mind. All offer generous benefits you're unlikely to find at any other studio. Check out our MEMBERSHIP page for more details.


We obviously believe in the power of words we speak into our lives and words spoken over us. Our thoughts become words and words, actions. We also believe in living with intention. July 14th we're inviting YOU to meet with us in our unfinished home to write affirmations on our unfinished walls. They'll be painted and sealed the following week!

July 14th 6:30p at 6425 Wilkinson Blvd Belmont.

Under Construction

Its officially official.  Our new space (and the Juice Bar) have left the permitting stage and are under construction! When you think about it, we as people are all 'under construction' for the duration of our lives. We are always learning, adapting and growing. The great news is a yoga studio-wellness center isn't. It has an end date!

As it stands we are slated to begin our first classes in our new permanent HOME the first week of August. Only about 6 weeks away! Catch a class in the Loft this summer while you can.

Beginning next week we'll host a few fun contests to make our waiting all the more exciting. What do you think our new space will look like?  What do you think it will smell like? What colors do you think you'll see? 

#transition #gypsysummer #comingsoon

Transitions - The Loft

The time has come to say goodbye to our current space. No April Fools. We've come to a season of TRANSITION. The space between one place and the next. The in-between. The season that's both the end and a beginning. Transition is a part of life. However, not often a favorite. Like moving your fridge, transitions can be messy. Once cleaned up and sorted we can emerge better having journeyed through the transition.

This summer, dive in and transition with us. We'll be exploring all aspects of liminal space; honing our equanimity skills (ability to maintain a steady state amidst chaos) giving lots of practice to those pesky transitions between postures.

We guarantee you'll emerge better having journeyed with us.



Beginning June 5th we'll be holding classes in 10 Catawba's Loft. We'll be in the same building, just around the corner! It'll be our home until we move into our new space this August. Some things to know:

  •  You can park in '10 Catawba Parking'.
  • We're inside the wood doors, up the stairs to the left.
  • You'll need to bring a mat & water (if you'd like to purchase a mat shoot us an email and we'll deliver one 25% off to the class.)
  • Our schedule will be kept up to date online & the Tula app.
  • We'll be creating our own heat. All classes will be held in a comfortably warm room. Don't worry, we can still keep it on the cooler side for those that prefer.
  • We're going cash-free. Please register online prior or plan to pay electronically.

Simply Yoga Is Closing....

So long, farewell. We have enjoyed our time in the heart of this beautiful city. Yep, it's true, very soon Simply Yoga of Belmont, LLC will close its doors, for good. The last four and something years have been an adventure here in this little alley. We've seen growth and change, both positive and some not so much. We've also watched yoga grow on our side of Charlotte and like to think we had a hand planting it. We will miss this alley and our neighbors as we say goodbye. Our deepest gratitude to you, students who've shown up faithfully for us.


You didn't think you'd get rid of us that easily?

The truth is a new place to do yoga is coming to Belmont, just down the street on Wilkinson Blvd, located beside I Love Juice Bar!!! Opening as an entirely new business, you'll recognize us as, Simply. - a community centered on holistic healing - offering yoga, wellness, AND massage. Simply. will be a place where anyone can come to relax, connect & practice while immersed in love & kindness.

The same great instructors you've grown to love are coming along, one in particular in a little different way than you might expect. Sue-Ann Keistler, will be coming alongside me as an additional business partner. With well over a decade of personal training and yoga instruction experience we have around 25 years combined experience in the fitness-wellness industry.

But that's not all...

We'll have 2 well sized massage rooms, one for our beloved Gaoness Yang! She will set up shop offering massage & Thai Therapy. In the second massage room we welcome Paper Lotus Massage, husband & wife team, Chris & Kristyn Brazzell.

Additionally, you'll begin to see other fitness classes pop into our schedule. Remaining centered on offering a variety of yoga class styles we'll also offer Barre and fitness/yoga fusion classes.

Oh, and you know that Hot Yoga we've been promising?

Well we weren't able to install our panels in our current space. We're installing incredibly healthy infrared 'thermal therapy' heat panels in our beautiful new studio.


What You Need To Know:

- Your current Membership & Class Pass is good with our new business.

- Our pricing will remain the same as it currently is posted.

- Your favorite yoga classes will remain.

- The new wellness center will be located beside the Juice Bar. (not sharing a space)

- We'll have ample, well-lit, close-by & safe parking.

- We will continue using Tula for class scheduling.




Check out our Membership page for all the details and benefits of joining our community. Unlimited Membership is for those yogis that believe in the power of possibility by committing to growth on their mat. These yogis come almost daily into the studio and take every chance to move beyond both on and off the mat. These yogis want to be active participants in a growing & vibrant community centered on holistic wellness. These yogis get maybe a little too excited over new yoga gear, oils and mats. These yogis want to share their passion of yoga with others. If this is you but can't quite work the monthly draft in your budget, consider joining our work-exchange team! Shoot us an email to inquire. We hope you'll join us!

Get Spooky with Us!

We're having some fun this week! Halloween is all about spooky fun these days. Its the official kick-off of the holiday season and usually brings the chilly weather with its bone chilling decor. Come get spooky with us!

Friday Oct. 28th 7:30pm Black-light Howlin' Good Yoga

"Blacklight gives you a new perspective on yoga, letting you concentrate on how the posture feels, not how it looks.”
Join us for a Howlin' good time this Halloween weekend. Black lights + yoga-fusion + seasonal tunes = crazy good time. Come prepared to sweat and laugh.   Cost is $10.

Join us on HALLOWEEN and wear a costume for 10% off your next yoga package.

Bring the kiddos to KIDS YOGA 5pm Halloween for a special (healthy-ish, we promise) treat!!


YOU Belong.

Y'all gonna think I'm crazy but we're going big this October. You might say this month is about Belonging. We're committed to our studio being a safe haven. A place where you step onto your mat and no one needs anything or expects anything of you. A place where you can connect to passion, to perspective, to purpose, to peace.

We've always offered our a service people a discount. We're givers and I don't say that lightly. If camo or blues your work attire we honor your contribution to our community. I bet your job's are stressful. If we can provide a place for you, were gonna. All the rest of us are willing to hold space for our service men and women - military and law enforcement specifically this month. Come on us. We want you here. You belong.

Kids face so much these days. They process so much and need a safe place too. I am happy to share with you that for the month of October were offering our Monday kids classes FREE.  Come check it out, see what it's about. We want them here. They belong.

"Peachy, tan, brownish, dark, golden, black, midnight, light, pale, olive, red, freckled, spotted" - these are all the adjectives used by my five year old daughter to describe skin color. If you use any one of these to describe your outward appearance - we want you here. You belong.

Also for October, our donation classes will be donating towards a wonderful organization that works with Breast Cancer Survivors. Because healing holds a special place as well.

Lastly, if you say,  "I can't afford yoga." I respond, "prioritize yourself, healing, stillness, and health." But really, if payment is truly an issue, I invite you to email me directly. Let's chat. We want you here. You belong.


10 Benefits of Aerial Yoga

"Aerial yoga defies gravity and allows you to perform various yoga poses that may be difficult to do on the ground, but easier in mid-air. It’s fun and acrobatic, so for those of you who dreamed of being a trapeze artist as a kid, this can give you a taste of what it is like.

Here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

  • Total body workout: Due to the nature of aerial yoga movements, almost all the body parts are forced to move and stretch. Muscles are toned and redefined, and joints are regenerated and strengthened due to these movements.
  • Psychologically beneficial: Just like almost any other workout, aerial yoga helps rebuild your emotional system because it clears the mind and relieves stress due to its meditative state. It also helps you combat stress throughout the day and increases your creativity, which leads you to develop your own artistic skills.
  • Improves flexibility: Aerial yoga helps you to move more freely, with less effort, by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your practice. Suspended yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility.
  • Heals back problems: It gives you the chance to hang freely, allowing your spine to lengthen. With less strain on your back while doing the exercises, it eases tension in the spinal cord and hip joint, helping you feel better.
  • Increases strength: Aerial yoga improves strength and flexibility, which carries over into other daily activities. The core workout is a beneficial cross-training, as it helps runners increase stamina and be able recover faster.
  • Puts you in a great mood: Another key benefit of doing aerial yoga is that it gets your adrenaline going while going against gravity. It also releases “happy” hormones like serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, which boost your mood and help you feel more energetic.
  • Improves balance: While going against gravity can be exciting, aerial yoga also helps with balance and stability in daily activities. Balance is a key component in daily activities, and aerial yoga helps maintain a good balance both inside and out.
  • Aids digestion: The different types of stretches and movements help improve the digestive system, thus helping in healing various digestion-related issues, including constipation and indigestion.
  • Old age and heart disease: Aerial yoga improves the circulation of blood, thus combating aging and its symptoms. Aerial yoga also helps detoxify the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which lowers the onset of various cardiovascular issues.
  • Improves memory: Aerial yoga fortifies your neural connections, thereby, rendering better memory power. In a way, practicing aerial yoga can make you smarter!"*

*shared from original article. Click below to read original blog.

I Love Juice Bar Coming WEEKLY!

We had an awesome Open House! Our juice ran OUT! Soooo, until we have an awesome bar closer, we'll be bringing the juice to you. Currently, we're taking orders for single Juices, Cleanses or Growlers (64oz of juice) through Tuesday 9/20. Delivery will be Thursday 9/22.

Not sure what to order? Check out my personal favorites: Sweet Greens, Orange You Glad or You Got The Beet.

Order online (or via the APP or email us at the studio and we'll get you set up. If you order online be sure to include 'BELMONT' in the comments.

Happy Juicing!