YOU Belong.

Y'all gonna think I'm crazy but we're going big this October. You might say this month is about Belonging. We're committed to our studio being a safe haven. A place where you step onto your mat and no one needs anything or expects anything of you. A place where you can connect to passion, to perspective, to purpose, to peace.

We've always offered our a service people a discount. We're givers and I don't say that lightly. If camo or blues your work attire we honor your contribution to our community. I bet your job's are stressful. If we can provide a place for you, were gonna. All the rest of us are willing to hold space for our service men and women - military and law enforcement specifically this month. Come on us. We want you here. You belong.

Kids face so much these days. They process so much and need a safe place too. I am happy to share with you that for the month of October were offering our Monday kids classes FREE.  Come check it out, see what it's about. We want them here. They belong.

"Peachy, tan, brownish, dark, golden, black, midnight, light, pale, olive, red, freckled, spotted" - these are all the adjectives used by my five year old daughter to describe skin color. If you use any one of these to describe your outward appearance - we want you here. You belong.

Also for October, our donation classes will be donating towards a wonderful organization that works with Breast Cancer Survivors. Because healing holds a special place as well.

Lastly, if you say,  "I can't afford yoga." I respond, "prioritize yourself, healing, stillness, and health." But really, if payment is truly an issue, I invite you to email me directly. Let's chat. We want you here. You belong.