Memberships For All

We're excited! Are you? We're making some changes and this one has us pumped. We know you want to come to yoga like every day right, but your life just doesn't always allow such bliss. So we've created 3 simple levels of memberships:

Flex - 4x/ mo (for the yogi that wants to come weekly. maybe you use supplement your training schedule or home practice with a in-studio class weekly. Or perhaps you travel often and know you'll just not make it in much but want all the benefits of being a member and community involvement. whatever your reason, this level of membership is flexible.)

Growth - 8x/ mo (for the yogi that's ready for more. you're ready to commit to growth but can't make it more than an couple of times a week. you're life may not allow jumping all in to an unlimited membership even though we know you want to. this middle-of-the-road membership will help you grow regardless.)

Commit - Unlimited Yoga/ mo (for the yogi that's committed to practice in-studio and often. you're ready to dive into community and all that comes with it. this level of membership will be your diving board to plunge into all things yoga.)

Each level is priced with your budget in mind. All offer generous benefits you're unlikely to find at any other studio. Check out our MEMBERSHIP page for more details.