PLANKSGIVING [Planks + Thanks]

A strong core is the foundation of a strong body!


Join us for 30 days to plank challenge this November.  We begin with a 15 second plank hold and work our way up to 2 minutes!  If you want more of a challenge we've got your covered - begin with a 20 second plank, working your way up to a 5 minutes!  

Whichever option you choose, this challenge will help you maintain that strong foundation as we enter into the holiday season.  While we’re plank-in we’ll be setting an intention of gratitude. It’s easy to be grateful when life’s going smooth, much harder when stuck in a posture of challenge! Snap a picture of the challenge schedule with your phone so you can participate at home or in the studio. NOV 1-30th

Winners will receive Simply Yoga swag but you have to show us you can rock that 2 or 5 minute plank!

 Share progress on social media with the hashtag #SimplyPlanksgiving or on the
Facebook - Simply Wellness Group!