When it’s a scorching 99 degrees outside this summer the last thing on your mind is probably stepping into a hot yoga class. But hear me out! The perks might surprise you and have you doubling down on the sweat this season.


If you’ve been working on getting into a full split, the summer months might be the perfect time for you to finally reach your goal. During the winter or in moderate temperatures we usually come into class stiff, and it takes us a while to warm up. This is less of an obstacle during the summer. When temps are high and we are irritatingly sticky from humidity our muscles and joints are actually looser and more flexible before we even step into the room. Use this to your advantage! This improves your flexibility on and off the mat. If you play sports during the warmer months hot yoga will not only improve your endurance in the heat, but it will also decrease your chance of injury. Tell that to your baseball loving husband!



The best way to push toxins out of our bodies is to sweat them out, which we are already doing during the summer – that’s great for your internal organs and your skin! But during the summer we often have more BBQs and parties to attend, which leads to more sugary drinks and greasy foods. Doubling up on the detox will help your body cleanse quicker and leave you feeling lighter – not sluggish.



Why should our technology be smarter than we are? When you practice hot yoga you are actually making your body smarter! Practicing yoga in high temperatures will help you to acclimate to summer’s heat by actually teaching your body to cool itself more efficiently through sweating. How cool is that? It also allows you to develop coping tools like learning to focus on the breath when things heat up, or sit in order to lower your heart rate. And the more that you practice you’ll find that you don’t mind the heat and you’ll actually enjoy being in the sun for all of those outdoor summertime activities.


BONUS: Just one hot yoga class can burn between 500-800 calories, having you looking and feeling great all summer long!

Although we love hot yoga year round, there are a few precautions that you should consider before your summer classes. They might seem obvious, but do not dismiss these as they are very important to your safety.




 + STAY HYDRATED! This is preached constantly, and rightfully so. During hot yoga you will sweat – a lot. This means that you are losing essential water from your body and it must be replenished. It is a non-negotiable. Your body will demand that you to drink water after your class, so you more than likely won’t need to be reminded to do so. Be sure to drink plenty of water before stepping into the room, and take frequent breaks during your practice to drink even more. 

 + If you have asthma or high blood pressure, this is not your class. We offer many other classes during the week that will be perfect for you to breath deep and relax – this is not one of them. Come back for our Restorative Yoga class!

 + Don’t push yourself. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy or nauseated at any point during the practice, take a break. Drink more water, or get some fresh air. Your goal is to sweat, not to overheat.

 + Dress appropriately. All of our classes are judgement free, especially this one! You will need to wear tight-fitting clothes, as looser garments trap heat. Moisture-wicking clothes and headbands are best if you own them.