A powerful intermediate class for optimal muscle flexibility. Power Flow is designed for practitioners looking to grow their yoga practice. The class includes various types of pranayama (breath) with intense, vinyasa-style posture sequence (moving one posture into the next fluidly). // Great for Advanced Yogis and Athletes.


Class is designed to help yogis grow their existing practice by inspiring you at the physical, emotional and spiritual level.  The focus is on alignment and linking pranayama (breath) to movement with intention of growing beyond the physical aspects of postures. The class will integrate yoga philosophy with current research to offer an enriching and refreshing look towards life. Expect an empowering practice, a few yin stretches and a sweet savasana. // Great for Advanced Yogis, Improved Focus and Athletes


A class that will have you move gently and rest deeply. A yin practice will be offered prior to settling into restful postures. Yin Yoga is yielding, nourishing, building awareness and acceptance that helps cultivate wellness. Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) is the practice of bringing the body into complete relaxation. It is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. This class is well suited to all skill levels, especially those wanting to unwind. You will be rested and ready for sleep. // Great for Beginners and Relaxation.


Meditation is the art of looking inside and discovering one’s own inner being. It leads us not only to totally new inner experiences, but helps us also to transform our day-to-day life into a better, more meaningful and more fulfilling existence. You'll be guided on posture and breath-work. Expect to experience a quiet clarity that comes from simply being still and breathing. // Great for Everyone Who Breathes!



KIDS YOGA - Back in FALL 2019

The stress of being a kid can add up. Bring your kids to the studio to play!  Introduce your kiddos to YOGA. Improve concentration, quality of sleep, ability to weather daily stresses while having FUN! 

Classes are 45min in length. $10 per class (with 50% off sibling discount after 2 kids)

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Practiced in a comfortably warm room, designed to be a slower paced class specifically adapted for its students with focus on utilizing modifications and yoga props to make all poses accessible. All levels are welcome. This class will leave you feeling mellow and rested. // Great for Beginners and Relaxation.


Practiced in a warm room, this slow restorative style class is designed for all skill levels. Following a gentle warm-up expect to hold postures, move slowly and breathe deeply. Expect to leave feeling like you have just gotten some kinks worked out! // Great for Athletes, Improving Flexibility and Back Pain.


A slower paced classed than Flow, this class emphasizes foundational postures, alignment and pranayama (breath); strengthening the body while focusing the mind. You can expect to practice in a comfortably warm room and leave feeling strong but relaxed. // Great for New To Yoga, Strengthening, and Improved Focus.


With a slightly faster pace, our Vinyasa (Flow) classes are designed to be energetic, promoting strength, endurance and suppleness. Practiced in a warm/hot room this class teaches you to intentionally transition between yoga postures adding modifications or variations appropriate for your practice while harnessing the power in your breath. You will finish feeling both refreshed and empowered! // Great for Improving Flexibility, Strengthening and Stress Relief.


YOGA 101 - Coming in FALL 2019

A go-to class for the beginner yogi. Each 3-week series includes a weekly focus as well as basic introduction of postures and instruction of breath work. After completing these series you'll be all the more confident to attend additional yoga classes. Cost $50 for the series. More Info HERE

GROW THE POSE - Coming in FALL 2019

This challenging class offers opportunity for advanced postures, core strengthening, pranayama (breath) and partner poses. You'll learn the goal is not the peak posture but the journey itself. Be prepared to sweat! More Info HERE



Afrobeat is feel good music that is perfect for use in fitness because it ushers you into a place of freedom where exercise and dance meet. You forget that you're exercising! Afrobeat music is a genre of music originated in West Africa. It is a blend of traditional and modern African rhythms, Caribbean and Reggae, and American funk and jazz.

Movements focus on the core, hips, legs, and thighs. The ability to strengthen and tone these areas are disguised in Afrobeats most popular dance moves.



This class incorporates the participants belief, faith, and dance as healing tools to transform mind, body, and soul. Although some of the benefits of this class are physical, we put more focus on ones mental health. Participants learn to address and cope with mental health issues through dance and movement therapy. Participants learn to express emotions through creative movement. The messages in the music used is very fundamental in this process. When music is not used during movement, participants internal thoughts and mental processing becomes the foundation of movement and self- expression.