Let Go. Decompress. Release.  Sweat.  Laugh.  Breathe.  Smile.  Savor. 
We are waiting for you, come as you are and leave all your junk on the mat.               We'll clean it up after you leave. (Check egos at the door.)



We've come to a season of TRANSITION. The space between one place and the next. The in-between. The season that's both the end and a beginning. Transition is a part of life. However, not often a favorite. Like moving your fridge, transitions can be messy. Once cleaned up and sorted we can emerge better having journeyed through the transition.




The Loft is located around the corner from our old studio. We're setting up shop for the summer at the neighbor's while we wait for our permanent home. Only in this case our neighbor happens to be this amazing event space, 10 Catawba. They are opening their trendy Loft above the wine bar for us to practice.



  • You can park in '10 Catawba Parking'.
  • We're inside the wood doors, up the stairs to the left.
  • You'll need to bring a mat & water (if you'd like to purchase a mat shoot us an email and we'll deliver one 25% off to the class.)
  • Our schedule will be kept up to date online & the Tula app.
  • We'll be creating our own heat. All classes will be held in a comfortably warm room. Don't worry, we can still keep it on the cooler side for those that prefer.
  • We're going cash-free. Please register online prior or plan to pay electronically.
  • We highly encourage you to unplug before you enter the practice space, so please be mindful and quiet your cell phones and stash them away until after class. 

Don't be shy now, come visit us!

If you can breathe you can do yoga.
— Clif Gentle, co-founder Simply.