We believe yoga is for everyone. Price shouldn't be an hindering factor. We're making it more possible for you to join in!

Monthly Unlimited Yoga - $65/ mo Please read The Fine Print below.


Monthly Unlimited Yoga is for those yogis who believe in the power of possibility by committing to growth on their mat. These yogis come consistently into the studio and take every opportunity to move beyond, both on and off the mat. These yogis want to be active participants in a growing and vibrant community centered on holistic wellness. These yogis get maybe a little too excited over new yoga gear, oils and mats. These yogis want to share their passion of yoga with others.


The Fine Print

We're flexible, that's a given but a few boundaries are a good thing. Monthly Unlimited Yoga is drafted monthly. A 6 month commitment is required with opportunity to renew. There is option to cancel during this time however we request 30 day notice and payment of 35% of the remainder of the package to terminate. This package is for Monthly Unlimited Yoga of regularly scheduled classes.


Self-Care is the new Health-Care