Let Go. Decompress. Release.  Sweat.  Laugh.  Breathe.  Smile.  Savor. 
We have a mat waiting for you, come as you are and leave all your junk on the mat. We'll clean it up after you leave. (Check egos at the door.)



Located in Belmont, North Carolina, every mindful detail that went into creating our amazing studio was done so with the goal of making you feel at home from the moment you arrive. All you need to bring is yourself and a smile.

Our intention is your comfort.  If you forget your water, we have some. If you need a mat we have those too. We will offer the highest quality Manduka rental mats and towels. You are also able to safely store your belongings in our reception lounge cubbies until after Savasana. 



Our classes are taught in a warm temperature room to promote relaxation and deepened muscle flexibility. We proudly feature infrared radiant heat in our practice room that simulates the heat from the sun, providing a healthier, more therapeutic environment.  Music can truly add to the overall experience of the practice, which is why many of our teachers offer carefully curated playlists that reflect the phases of each class.  We highly encourage you to unplug before you enter the practice space, so please be mindful and quiet your cell phones and stash them away until after class. 



Simply. is an eco-friendly and locally conscious studio.  Our studio was designed with recycled materials and delightfully decorated with re-purposed items. We offer reusable bottles in our boutique and spring water filter for filling up in your bottle. We also offer only responsibly manufactured apparel. Our mindful attitude extends to the chemical-free Norwex and Young Living cleaning products and the biodegradable Manduka mats we for rent and sale.



 Our mission is to be a change for good by creating and supporting community locally and beyond.  Proceeds from our donation classes are donated to different local charities & initiatives.  We firmly believe everyone should have an opportunity to practice, therefore we offer discounts to yogis who help serve the community including: teachers, veterans and active military, health-care professionals, as well as students and yogis over 60.  See our Pricing page for details. If you represent a cause, reach out to us, we would love to partner with you!


Don't be shy now, come visit us!

If you can breathe you can do yoga.
— Clif Gentle, co-founder Simply.